Do you desire peace, happiness, good health?

Having trouble sleeping or feeling stress out? Getting migraines, anxiety, or feeling depressed? Struggling with chronic pains and health issues? Frustrated with the ineffectiveness of  conventional medicine?

Relax, take a deep breath and give us a call at 213-342-7039 or visit our clinic at 22672 Lambert St. STE 616  Lake Forest, CA(Near Irvine).

Han means ‘infinity or origin’ and Sol means ‘pine tree or guide’. Han-Sol  means a infinite growth and completion of human being or a guider to help to recover one’s original health.

When you visit Han-Sol Wellness, you will feel the warmth, kindness and help you deserve. It is our mission to provide a gentle, welcoming approach to acupuncture care, help you feel better and restore balance to your life.